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address:Weihai city in shandong province tangerang district ge home town in the British village north






Weihai Weng long battery Co。, Ltd。

Weihai Wenlong Battery Co Ltd is Weihai Wenlong power (Group) Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of group company under the favorable Camden, power supply complete equip-ment Co. Ltd., is a production and sales of valve controlled sealed microcomputer ...

Shandong national rice innovation Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the processing and sale of mixed grain, seafood compound rice and convenient rice. The new technology of f-unctional compound rice processing developed by Wuhan light industry ...

Shandong Guo mi innovation Food Co., Ltd.

Rongcheng Weihai Wenlong Power Supply Group

"The long boom, all favorable, the company will seize the opportunity given by the times, give full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprises,

vigorously develop the knowledge economy, enterprise development, to lay the cornerstone hundred enterprises, make new and greater contributions to China's

high-tech industry and economic construction。

Wendeng You li complete power supply Co., Ltd.

Wendeng Youli power supply complete equipment Co. Ltd. was established in November 1996, Wendeng economic development zone is located in Shandong province with the e-conomic vitality of the Development Zone, is the north car Zhongche group subordinate  strategic partners, professional high-tech companies, high-speed rail, subway and other   supporting vehicle electrical control cabinet...

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